Kalapa Council Update Summer 2010

I am writing on behalf of the Kalapa Council to update you on some key developments in our mandala. If you find our update helpful or have questions, please let us know by using the “Over to You” live link at the end of this letter.

Our Shambhala mandala is now so extensive and diverse that we have included links to many relevant reports and websites. Our purpose in gathering this information together is to offer an overview, and open up further dialogue. To locate what most interests you, here is a list of the topic headings, which also serves as an outline of the update that follows:

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Summer 2010: The Drala Lineage of Mukpo

“The dralas are there, waiting to come along and meet you,” said the mahasiddha Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, the Druk Sakyong of Shambhala. “I feel that I could give you, impart to you, introduce to you, such wonderful ladies and gentlemen of the drala principle. They are longing to meet you. At this point I’m afraid I have to be very bold: they’re longing to meet you.”
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Summer 2010: The Sakyong and Sakyong Wangmo

The retreat
The Sakyong has now been on retreat since the Fourth Shambhala Congress ended in November. He has just completed a phase of deep retreat, including a Gesar Trakpo drupchen at Rigon Tashi Choeling monastery in Pharping, Nepal. After returning to the West, during the month of July, he will give transmission at Vajrayana Seminary, attend a training program for the newly nominated shastris, and lead a Scorpion Seal Assembly (for first time participants) – all at Shambhala Mountain Center. Continue reading

Summer 2010: Practice and Education

The Scorpion Seal and other paths of practice in Shambhala
The theme “One Mandala, Many Paths” was a major topic of discussion at the Fourth Shambhala Congress and at the meeting of the Mandala Council that immediately followed. Many local communities are struggling to understand how our diverse practice paths come together in a single society.
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Summer 2010: Shambhala Media, Shambhala Online and our Networked Community

You may have seen or visited the new Shambhala Media website, developed under the guidance of co-directors, Emily Sell and Terry Rudderham. There has been a marked increase of the number of people using Shambhala Shop to order publications, videos and other items. It was completely redesigned in time for Shambahla Day this year. To see the latest featured products, click on www.shambhalatimes.org
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Summer 2010: Our major Practice Centres, Gampo Abbey and a new dzong

It is Karmê Chöling’s 40th birthday this year. For a beautiful short film on this occasion, please click here . Karmê Chöling launched its Cornerstone Campaign at the 40th Anniversary celebration. This campaign will allow them to finish the Scorpion Seal retreat cabin — the first built in the United States — and break ground and lay the foundation to build the next stupa in our mandala. The location has been selected; it will be known as the Stupa That Conquers All Directions. Continue reading