Kalapa Council Update Summer 2011

Many people throughout Shambhala have welcomed this new series of mandala updates, and recommended future improvements. This update is shorter and concentrates on developments since Shambhala Day. There are live links if you want to get more details, as well as a link to the one we sent you in January.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do let us know by using the “Over to You” live link at the end of this posting.
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Summer 2011: Dignity: Governing Enlightened Society

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for Dignity: Governing Enlightened Society, a weekend on governance led by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. The Sakyong will teach on how we may apply our rich heritage of practice, study and decorum to the path of leadership and service, thereby integrating dharma and governance.
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Summer 2011: New Support for Centres and Groups

Immediately after she was appointed, Anna Weinstein, our new Director of Centre and Group Support, began contacting the leaders of Shambhala Centres and groups personally. She is already well known in Europe where for several years she was the person who supported all the centres and groups there. In the first month that Anna has been in position she:
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Summer 2011: Comprehensive Communications Survey

It’s no secret that Shambhala communications and publicity need a thorough overhaul. Many centres and groups have been asking for this. The Kalapa Council has now launched a comprehensive survey of all our communications, including our web-based services, print, recordings as well as the way we present ourselves, both internally and externally. This is being spearheaded by Larry Barnett, a member of our sangha and communications professional from Sonoma to contact folks for an initial conversation. Larry, a former mayor of Sonoma, has just done comparable analyses for Shambhala Mountain Center and for Northern California Shambhala.
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Summer 2011: Kalapa Executive Projects

The Kalapa Executive was established last summer to serve as a senior executive arm of the Kalapa Council to direct and integrate the core activities and services of the Shambhala Mandala. The members of the Kalapa Executive are the highest executive officers of the Three Pillars of Shambhala. For a letter to the mandala that announced the establishment of the Kalapa Executive and its composition, please click here:
http://shambhala.org/community/files/PDF/Central Governance.pdf

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Summer 2011: 25th Anniversary of the Parinirvana of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

In 2012, we will be observing the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Vidyadhara’s Parinirvana. This will be an important moment in the life of our community. It will be an opportunity to appreciate our great good fortune to have been influenced by the Vidyadhara and his teachings, and to celebrate his continuing legacy both in Shambhala and the world.
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