January 2012: Forthcoming Initiatives in the Pillar of Practice and Education

Over the coming period, the teachers and directors of practice and education will focus on three specific themes within our training and path.

Focus on Outer programs.
In connection with the message to simplify, focus, and engage, we are placing attention on outer programs such as Open Houses and Learn to Mediate days. We will be exploring ways to energize these major gateway programs with the themes of basic goodness and creating enlightened society. Further, we are experiencing a surge of small groups and satellite centers growing around the world as our message and teachings continue to extend out. Over the coming year, we will be introducing suggestions for developing the local teachers and resources to respond to this growth.

Rebuilding Meditation Instructor Community and Ongoing Training.
Under the guidance of the Dean of Meditation Instructors, Acharya Dale Asrael, we will be offering a series of Meditation Instructor Gatherings in centers around the world to help to rebuild Meditation Instructor community and offer training and resources for ongoing development. We will explore our various meditation techniques, deepen our experience, and cultivate the relationship between Meditation Instructors and students.

Deepening our Way of Shambhala path.
The next step in our path development will be a new series of Way of Shambhala courses that will focus on the themes of the basic goodness of the individual, the basic goodness of society, and the basic goodness of reality. We will pilot these courses in the fall of 2013; there will be more information available at that time.

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About Richard Reoch

Richard Reoch was appointed by the Sakyong, Jamg√∂n Mipham Rinpoche, as the President of Shambhala in 2002 — a position he holds to this day. He heads the Government of Shambhala and chairs the highest governing body of the mandala, the Kalapa Council. Prior to his position in Shambhala, he was the global media chief of the human rights organization, Amnesty International, and continues as a trustee of the Rainforest Foundation and Chair of the International Working Group on Sri Lanka, a network of diplomats and major agencies devoted to peace making.