January 2012: Key points from the Sakyong’s message

We can summarize the basic message from the Sakyong since he has returned from his year of retreat in three key points:

Focus from the depth of our training on creating enlightened society
This was the command of the Dorje Dradül and what the dralas whispered to the Sakyong in his year of retreat. This is not a new instruction; rather the Sakyong is asking us to re-emphasize the vision of enlightened society as the context for everything that we do in Shambhala.

Aim for global impact through inviting human wisdom to manifest
Shambhala offers the world possibilities for a paradigm shift. We will continue to ravage our world unless we allow the wisdom of basic goodness to manifest. This wisdom is already present in our community, throughout the world, and is the very nature of society. Many of us are already doing so much to manifest Shambhala vision and we have much to learn and share in order to go further.

Experience, understand, and embody our own warriorship tradition
To accomplish these goals we need to simplify, focus, and engage:

Simplify our message, liturgy, and practices so that we can reach out to the whole world.

Focus our energy on our core transmission: basic goodness.

Engage with our fundamental purpose: creating enlightened society.

The view here is one of appreciation and celebration. The reality is that many of us have committed to basic goodness and the Shambhala vision and community for a long, long time – and have devoted much of our lives to fulfilling this aspiration. Please see a short report below from the discussion at the Shambhala Lineage Festival on Shambhala and Society. It is in times of social uncertainty that our vision and teachings are particularly precious. Simplifying, focusing, and engaging will help allow our trust in basic goodness to be a beacon of enlightened society.

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About Richard Reoch

Richard Reoch was appointed by the Sakyong, Jamgön Mipham Rinpoche, as the President of Shambhala in 2002 — a position he holds to this day. He heads the Government of Shambhala and chairs the highest governing body of the mandala, the Kalapa Council. Prior to his position in Shambhala, he was the global media chief of the human rights organization, Amnesty International, and continues as a trustee of the Rainforest Foundation and Chair of the International Working Group on Sri Lanka, a network of diplomats and major agencies devoted to peace making.