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“This is not a time to close down or hold on…”
Please click below to view the President’s film that weaves together the themes of our global crisis, our lineage vision and Shambhala Day giving…
Once upon a time

Making the Impossible Possible
“Making the Impossible Possible — the Year in Review” was shown throughout the mandala at Shambhala Day events. Produced by Shambhala Media, edited by Ethan Neville, and narrated by Pascale Roger-Mckeever, the film shows highlights of the year from Shambhala locations and events around the world, previews the forthcoming film “An Uncommon King” and the Sakyong’s book, “Running with the Mind of Meditation”, to be published in April this year.

The Shambhala Day film is already available, thanks to the work of our international translators and Hamish Maclaren, in English French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. Other languages will follow. For all languages, please click here .

Painting the Water Dragon

For those who have expressed interest in the making of the President’s film, “This is not a time to hold on or close down…”, a short film of the painting of the Water Dragon is posted on his column, “From our President”.

Sakyong and Sakyong Wangmo lead planning for 2020 Vision

The Kalapa Council met with the Sakyong and Sakyong Wangmo over the course of three days at the end of January to contemplate the next steps that would move Shambhala forward in accomplishing 2020 Vision.

As the Sakyong wrote in his Letter of the Morning Sun:

If Shambhala as a vision, a lineage, and a community is to have any real effect on the world, the next ten years are essential. We must now begin to organize, train, and develop ourselves with greater commitment and determination. Therefore, I ask all Shambhalians to see the next ten years as a time to truly challenge ourselves. If we can make substantial progress over this time, I believe we will have shifted the momentum of the lineage and vision toward being able to fulfill the Dorje Dradül’s intentions.

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