Our three-fold strategy

Following the Kalapa Council Update that we posted on this blog in April called “Strategic Directions”, there was an enthusiastic response from the Shambhala community. Many people posted comments, suggestions and questions. We took the many viewpoints into account, took a careful look at the options before us and presented a series of strategic recommendations to the Sakyong last month. With his agreement, we are now putting those recommendations into effect. To read our three-fold strategy and the detailed background to it, please click here.

Part of our three-fold strategy involves tightening our belt for this immediate period. As a result some of our services will need to be reduced over this coming period. To read about these changes in detail, described in a letter from Carolyn Mandelker, the Executive Director of Shambhala, please click here.

We encourage you to read and reflect on these two important documents and contribute to a community discussion on this blog!

We would also like to thank everyone who contributed so generously to our most recent appeal, which raised $120,000 in the months of May and June. It was thanks to everyone who wrote into the blog urging us to launch a further fund-raising appeal that we sent a follow-up appeal asking for support. Your gifts helped us close just over a third of the funding gap we were seeking to fill. We were deeply touched by the generosity of your responses and the many kind messages we received.