Where are Shambhala’s financial reports?

We’ve now received 127 responses to our post on Strategic Directions for our Mandala.  Thank you!  Over the weekend, we went through the responses and identified common themes, as well as individual questions and suggestions.  One question that we can respond to immediately, is the request for financial information.  Here are two links:  the first is an abbreviated 2012 budget summary, the second is for people who would like more detailed information, including budgets for past years.

Many of you have shared helpful suggestions about the kind of financial information you would like to see, and the format and method of communication—if after reviewing these, you have further suggestions, please continue the conversation on the blog. We are interested in anything that we can do to improve the clarity of our financial communication!  Please stay tuned to further posts from the Kalapa Council.

Abbreviated 2012 Budget summary:


More detailed reports: http://www.shambhala.org/members/governancefinance.php

Warmly,   Carolyn Mandelker