January 2012: Forthcoming Events and Gatherings

We have received important feedback from many centres and groups about how we can better help everyone plan their participation in international events. Shambhala centres and groups have asked us to be much clearer in making our suggestions. In particular, it would help to be clearer about what is essential and what is optional. This would help everyone decide what will work best in their local situation. So to help with everyone’s planning for this coming year, we are trying to be clearer about the most essential elements and qualities of each event. Centres and groups can then shape their local events in the way that feels most appropriate to their local energy.
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January 2012: NEW BOOK: Running with the Mind of Meditation

We are delighted to confirm that the Sakyong’s newest book, Running with the Mind of Meditation, will be published in early April this year. The official book launch will take place in Boulder, Colorado on Earth Day, April 22nd 2012. The Sakyong will be running the annual 5k Earth Day race, followed by a public book signing at The Rembrandt Yard, a downtown Boulder art gallery. It is our hope that the regional Shambhala Centers will be a strong presence at both events to help celebrate the release of the Sakyong’s new book.
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January 2012: Shambhala Lineage Message

The Shambhala Lineage Festival held in September was an opportunity to explore how, as Shambhalians, we can personally, communally, and globally take basic goodness as the guiding force in our lives. It asked the question – with the world at a social and environmental crossroads – can we arouse our bravery and confidence to truly establish enlightened society?
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January 2012: Key points from the Sakyong’s message

We can summarize the basic message from the Sakyong since he has returned from his year of retreat in three key points:

Focus from the depth of our training on creating enlightened society
This was the command of the Dorje Dradül and what the dralas whispered to the Sakyong in his year of retreat. This is not a new instruction; rather the Sakyong is asking us to re-emphasize the vision of enlightened society as the context for everything that we do in Shambhala.

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January 2012: The new Shambhala chant books

The Shambhala Lineage Festival also marked the beginning of our new Shambhala Chant Book. For many years, we have heard from our Centres that there has been a need for an accessible approach to chanting. This means a balance between maintaining our tradition of chanting, while also opening up to an increasingly large and diverse audience of students. Many students come expecting simple meditation, and not too much ritual. The Shambhala Chant Book is the result of the Sakyong’s efforts to establish an approach to daily chants that expresses the vision of our tradition in a skillful and accessible way.
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January 2012: Shambhala Path and Assemblies

The Sakyong has created the Way of Shambhala curriculum for the beginning of our Shambhala Buddhist path and has transmitted many new practices and texts for the Scorpion Seal Assemblies, the most advanced part of our path. Now he has turned his attention to Sutrayana and Vajrayana Seminary, which lie at the middle of our path. The Sakyong has renamed these two pivotal programs. Sutrayana Seminary is now called Enlightened Society Assembly and Vajrayana Seminary is now Sacred World Assembly.
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January 2012: Forthcoming Initiatives in the Pillar of Practice and Education

Over the coming period, the teachers and directors of practice and education will focus on three specific themes within our training and path.

Focus on Outer programs.
In connection with the message to simplify, focus, and engage, we are placing attention on outer programs such as Open Houses and Learn to Mediate days. We will be exploring ways to energize these major gateway programs with the themes of basic goodness and creating enlightened society. Continue reading

January 2012: Other Lineage Teachings

His Eminence Namkha Drimed Rinpoche bestows the Nyingma Kama

His Eminence Namkha Drimed Rinpoche bestowed the Nyingma Kama upon the Sakyong at Rigon Tashi Choeling Monastery in Pharpeng, Nepal in late 2011. The Nyingma Kama is a collection of empowerments and instructions for the kama, or oral transmission lineage, one of two unique streams of teachings in the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism.
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